Sunday, July 29, 2012

MAY I just say.....!

Birdie's 9th Birthday started the Merry Month of May with a BANG!
Her crazy Daddy was right there...pumpin up the jam...gettin the party started!

Kylie and Jadyn traveled all the way to Sahuarita for the festivities...and I put them to work stamping postcards for (and CUTE) labor!

Happy Mother's Day to ME! Being a "mother" is the best thing that ever happened to me.....I LOVE it and I love all our kiddies and their kidlets.
But this day makes me think of MY mother more than myself. No one on EARTH has EVER had a mother like mine! Dorris Ann Beasley Julian was one of a kind! She was the closest thing to perfection I have even seen. I NEVER heard her EVER say an unkind word about ANYBODY...she was so unselfish - there was NOTHING she wouldn't do for you. She didn't enjoy very good health...but only those closest to her knew how sick she really was...she would go and do as long as she possibly could...then collapse into bed till she felt like going some more! And was she ever BEAUTIFUL!! Wow, have you seen her pictures???

That's my mama! I miss her so much it I just keep dreaming of the day we'll be together again...just HOPING I'm good enough to go where I KNOW she is!

SO.........I got treated RIGHT by Allison - she sure knows the way to my heart...yeah, cookies!!

She and Jackson surprised us and Grandma with a wonderful dinner...yummy!

It's been too long to remember, but it looks like we were dinning at Joe's Farm Grill - who is taking the picture? Your guess is as good as mine! If you were there...please refresh my memory (or I can go read my journal!) Doesn't Mike look CUTE??!!!??? Yeah, a muffin if I ever saw one!! I sure do love the Muffin Man!

Later on in dear cousin Teri Ann came out to spend a relaxing weekend with us in the country! We swam and ATE and watched movies and gabbed about the good ol' days! I love that girl...we used to have so much fun on her Grandfather Openshaw's dairy farm when we were silly teenagers! I especially remember the evening I lost my flip flop in the alfalfa wagon, and found it the next morning in the feed trough just a big fat cow was about to snack on it! Good times!

Little 6 yr old Jadyn had a "friend & cousin" birthday party so Mimi & Papa decided to crash it! What a hoot!

And did you EVER see a cuter cake? Nope...I don't think so! Good job Mel!!

Around the same time...we started harvesting from our garden...a COMPLETE FAILURE this year!...Just look at these pathetic yields...yeah...that shiny thing is a QUARTER and that's our first tomatoe and jalapeno! It gets a little better later...but this was the worst year EVER! It got so hot around the time the blossoms were setting, and all but 3 tomatoe plants died, and 6 of 9 yellow crockneck squash plants bit it. Yellow bell peppers survived and you'll see them later!

Well, folks, that's what happened in May - Pretty exciting stuff....believe it or else!

January 21, 2011
Dear Familia,
We decided it would be easy and fun to use this thread to keep track of our activities and thoughts of this wonderful trip to Sydney, Australia, for Robin and Tane's wedding.
We arrived in LA Wednesday at 5pm and by 11pm we learned that we didn't quite make the cut at the gate, so we got a room at La Quinta and tried to sleep. After a great breakfast, we hung out in the lovely lobby for a few hours then leisurely shuttled back to the airport. I had "the best" chicken tortilla soup at a little cantina right by our gate, and then we sat on the internet for hours...met several nice travelers and just tried to enjoy our vacation in the airport! At 11pm we were still not lucky, just too many people heading down under this time of year or something... but my friend Kathy Hooton Brown flew in from SLC and we put her on the plane we were denied access to...bummer! So we got another room (after waiting hours for a lost bag...don't worry, Robin, it was full of your clothes, but they found it this morning). We set our alarm, had a nice breakfast with our fellow lodgers, and shuttled back to LAX to catch a flight to San Francisco. Papa had purchased a real ticket just in case we didn't make the standby cut. There were people around us who were on vacation and that's just what they do...sit at the airport, get denied, go play locally for a day and then start all over again..and they don't really care if they get on at all. WE, on the other hand were frantic to get on and it just wasn't to be. Thanks, Rennie, for trying so hard to help us out - and tell Dusky we really appreciated the passes, just didn't work in this case. We are having a blast in San Francisco right now...the clam chowder in a sourdough bread bowl was fantastic! and we have the tops of the bowls tucked away in our bag for later,... when we're cold and hungry, flying somewhere over the vast South Pacific. The shopping is great too...Gucci is around the corner and I spotted a handbag I simply can't afford! Papa bought trail mix...what a practical fellow. I brought tons of snacks and we had most of them eaten before we even left Sky Harbor Wednesday at 5pm! Oh, thanks for the ride to the airport're the best! Papa hopes you and Mel are holding down the fort!
So, about 2 hours ago Robin called and said she couldn't find Kathy anywhere at the airport..I said "Maybe the dingo ate your auntie"...and we really were getting nervous and messaged her daughter in SLC and then finally Robin texted and said she found the dingo who had auntie and all was well. Now they can go play and have a lot of FUN until time to pick US up at the airport tomorrow (Sunday to them) We've rented a car so all the running back and forth is a lot easier than the train, and less expensive too!
We have about 4 more hours so write back if you get a chance and we'll answer questions or just keep this thread going for the whole length of the trip. Maybe all you do is read it and you don't have to reply at all, it will just be our way of journaling the daily events while keeping you all up to date.
Robin and Tane are very excited that the time for their wedding is just 1 1/2 weeks away. Pray for them that all goes well.
Okay,that's about it for now.
PS: Julie & John, Ronnie & Judi..Thanks for coming to be with the family last weekend - we all really appreciated you being there...and we were so happy to have you stay with us. And thanks for all your help!

January 22, 2011
We arrived at 7am - 14 hr trip from San Fran
We are going to church at 1pm
will report more later...
Mimi and Paps

Rethinking the long thread...we'll just send new ones each time... Here are a few pictures..I couldn't attach them all so I'll drop them in Shutterfly later.

Sunday Jan 23, 2011
Finally down under, and hanging on for dear life..we’ve survived the mind numbing days living at the airport and the 13 hour flight, but not sure if we’ll survive watching Robin drive on the wrong side of the road from the passenger seat…so weird, but we’re going to give it a shot behind the wheel too!
We had a tailwind and arrived 1.5 hours early, but Robin and Kathy were there to greet us soon after we snuck (is that a word) through customs with our “Judi granola bars”…no way was I givin them up!
Tane was at church so I didn’t get to meet him right away, but Kathy gave her thumbs up – said he’s already her “son”, so I couldn’t WAIT for them to get back. We moved into the Temple Apartments (on condition that we go as many times as we can while we’re here) and showered and got ready for a 1pm Sacrament meeting. So far we have everything we need, cute little kitchenette and all. The temp is high 70’s today so the AC is on.
I was downstairs in Kathy & Robin’s room when all of a sudden it got kind of dark in the room…I first thought it was a cloud covering the sun, but I turned around and saw it was Tane filling the open doorway! Wow, it was great to finally see his face in person and get a great big hug from that sweet looking guy. What a soft-spoken, kind faced gentle man! He had worked all night and gone to church while we were arriving. I took him upstairs so Papa could get a good look at him - he likey very much!
And off we all went together to the Normanhurst Ward. It is smallist; only ten double rows of benches but all were full. I closed my eyes and it sounded like Mick Dundee was conducting! The RS Pres spoke – she is amazing.
Afterward Tane took us to the RSL to eat lunch/dinner. It’s a place where you become a temporary member and it is for the retired servicemen – I think proceeds go to help them. We had “the best” fish and chips EVER.
Driving around the area is beautiful – it reminds me of So. California and Florida so much. Tons of eucalyptus trees and rolling hills and darling houses. Mel, we LOVE it too! The air feels like fall or spring in Arizona, only better!
Back at the rooms we let Tane fall asleep so he could go to work again, and Robin sat on the bed and gave Kathy and I foot massages. My feet were so swollen from the flight I couldn’t hardly walk. The movie “Australia” came on so we managed to watch it off and on. Papa and I were so dang sleepy we didn’t even care that the bed was actually manufactured in H—L!

Monday January 24, 2011
Wow, that BED! I rolled up all the blankets in the closet and made us another 5 inches of mattress – hope it helps tonight! Feet look normal again! It’s going to be in the low 80s today, so off we go! Our objective is to go by the "flat" Robin found and see what kind of job opportunities are in that area.
Wish her luck and pray she finds something - rent on the studio flat is $400 a week!
Hope you're all doing well and that nobody else got sick after we left. Papa is fighting a sore throat/cough with Silver Biotic and doing much better.
ps the water out of the tap is wonderful! what a blessing!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Best Wishes & Congratulations to Ruby & Tane!

The "newest" best looking couple in whole wide world....

Tane, we just want to welcome you to the family...we can't wait to meet you in PERSON! (Skype is great, but that will only keep us happy for so long)
The whole family is so excited to meet the wonderful young man who has made our precious Ruby so very happy!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

before i forget...

I love the things your children I hope you're all writing them down. SOme of your blogs have lots of them and they make us laugh and cry - thanks for sharing so many little moments with the rest of the family.

I just wanted to write down something Abi said a while back (she lives at my house now so I get to hear LOTS of funny stuff).

She said "My brother is an alien dog cause when dogs come up to him he makes noises at them ... like when he first saw Nui"
WHAT? an alien dog?

Later she said "One time I lived in St. Georgia and my Uncle Haffen said I could take an egg and hatch it. I saw one hatch and I called him Chocolate Butterscotch & Brightly. Big chickens will peck you...peck peck!" (as she uses her finger to peck my arm)

Then she's telling me that she was born in Africa and that her parents were married there! OKAY!

Blessing Daven & Flaaridah or bust!

Here's a brief rundown of June...way too many pictures to post...go see them all at our family Shutterfly account!

Sam blessed Daven Michael Hallows on June 6th

The Biehl's hosted a fabulous brunch for the gang.

Daven wore the outfit his daddy was blessed in!

Grandpa and Sammy

Mimi celebrates Allison's birthday early...Alli's first time parking in pregnant spot!

The next day we left for "Flaaridah" - just me and Mikey...what a sweet trip! Here are just a few of the highlights!

Soggy Bottom Mud Bog north of Macclenny - hilarious past time of the country boys!

Shack by the ribs in the St. George, Georgia!

Watching out for gators in Okefenokee Swamp - saw many, but only ate one at Pier Six!

Debbie hanging out with Uncle Cecil at Neptune Beach at Mellie's house. We swam in the ocean there.

Debbie taking us through the drive-thru convenient store called "The Pit Stop"

Me and sweet cousin David - Juana fixed us wonderful dinner.

Me and Julie's future grave sites...right next to Little Meemie and Papa!

Uncle Cecil was the oldest in attendance (as usual) and his 2 week old great grandson was the youngest! I got the prize for coming the farthest!

Uncle Cecil with some of his famiy

Juana and Ron took us up to Jekyl Island in Georgia

We picked blueberries with Debbie at her friend's house.

An old house turned into a gift shop...on Jekyl Island.

Mike posing at Siesta Key - we spent several hours there. Anderson's & Debbie were about 1 mile up the beach from us.

Me and Uncle Lee...great visit and wonderful dinner with him and Tony.

Juana, Aunt Dorothy, Debbie, me & Mike, Trina & Andy - our last lunch in Macclenny

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

MAY we entertain you?

Dear Familia...this has been a very busy month - full of family fun - beginning with Birdie's 10th Birthday and it will end with Jadyn's 7th! That hasn't happened yet...but her family party was combined with Creed's last Saturday...lots of celebrating in between are a few highlights - hope you'll all share your photos too! Love, Mommy

Lainie's 10th Birthday lunch in Tucson

Baby Daven is very loved

"Princess & the Pea"

Creed & Jadyn celebrate at Peter Piper's

The gang's all here! Everybody smile!

Memphis says "Oh, Max, I can't believe we get to sit in these little baby chairs...aren't they cool! I think mine might be cooler than yours."

Creed loved his birthday!

Killin time with Rennie & gang at Pioneer Park

20th Daven Michael Hallows...sleeping while Mimi watches!

Just hangin out with the Steele & Amy Hallows Gang

Memorial Day Party Peeps
That was the BEST meal...& the chocolate cake was to DIE for!

Max in Daddy Steele's 36 year old clothes! Like father like son!